Late Night Neighbors

I woke up around 2am last night with little L.  She’s had a cough and couldn’t get settled enough to get back to sleep.  While I’m sitting in the rocking chair cuddling with my little sweetie I hear the dogs start barking and a light shining past the windows, looking much like headlights.  “Wow” I thought “Who in the world would be pulling up at this time?”.  Upon further inspection I realize it isn’t headlights, it’s the neighbor shining a spotlight across the fields looking for something.  Well, I haven’t heard any gunshots and out here in the country that’s good.  Probably not coyotes he’s after.  I think I hear faint rumblings of tractors in the distance and this keeps up for about an hour, then picks up again about 10 minutes later with a second neighbor now joining in the search.  My husband gets up this time.  We discuss goings on and scenerios that could prompt this late night behavior.  He notices the dogs are looking out back at the woods and decides to go take a look.  He catches one of the neighbors on his tractor close enough to flag down and finds out there is a cow loose.  It’s not his cow, nor a cow belonging to the second neighbor.  They have an idea about who it belongs to but can’t be sure. 


These two men were at it for at least 3hours last night, and back at it again first thing in the morning.  Up looking for a loose cow that didn’t even belong to them.   I feel so blessed to have neighbors willing to look out for one another like this.