Sabbath Schooling

For those of you who don’t know already, yes, we homeschool and love it!  I started out deciding to give it a yr to see how it goes and here we are in yr 4 still going strong.  My boys amaze me all the time how smart they are and how much they pick up so quickly.  We do also school yr round.  I decided early on there is no reason for us to stick to the public school schedule.  I think this came up our first summer.  We had a short break but I missed them!  We all went in our separate directions in the house and I missed that quality time of us working on something together.  At that point we started back up with the school work.  They were happy, I was happy, so why not? 

My husband has recently sent me a couple of articles on Sabbath Schooling.  You take the same sabbath principle of 6 days of work and resting on the 7th.  If this is a schedule given to us by the Creator why not follow it in other aspects as well?  I’ve just completed our new school schedule where we work for 6 weeks and take a break on the 7th.  We’ve never really had a planned out schedule like this before.  I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl but this feels really good.  We are actually able to take off the entire month of December for the Christian holiday season, and also have a month off around the fall Jewish holidays.  Still having a few weeks left to play with and have our 180 days of school required by the state.  It all fit together beautifully. 

Now we are going into our new school year and this new idea has me feeling a bit energized and ready to get to it!  Hopefully this will help us keep up a good pace and decrease the risk of burnout 😀