Listen to your children

Ryder has been studying rocks and minerals in our homeschool studies lately.  We came across an experiment to place drops of vinegar onto limestone.  We don’t have many rocks around here, and I’m not confident enough to be able to identify what we do find so I sent him off to collect some pebbles from the dog kennels.  I figured we’d just see what happened.  So the boy goes off and comes back with bits of chalk…..Not what I had in mind.  Is chalk even a rock?  I know how to make chalk using plaster, and I don’t think that’s what we were looking for.  So I tell him we need to read further in his book and see what was supposed to happen.  We read on and shortly learn chalk is a type of limestone!!!!  Huh, it is so easy to put them off, but he is now at that age where I have to start listening, he may just be a bit smarter than I am!