Here I am, stuck in the middle with you…….

Made a quick trip back home this weekend for a bridal shower.  It was a fun shower, everyone was nice, not too many games 😉  But I have to chuckle at the vast difference from how my life was before compared to now in the midst of our new adventure into farming.   Here I am surrounded by women who live pretty much how I used to.  They’re chatting about how much they love Bed Bath and Beyond, what scents they like best with the lotions, and what movies they’ve seen recently at the theater.  I’m so removed from these things by this point all I really have to add is “I got some goats”

So while I’m not quite well versed enough to carry on a good conversation about dressage, or the different horse breeds to keep up with some of the locals here, at least I know I’m learning and there’s no turning back now!!!  Hey, I even caught myself looking at some pink camo sunglasses yesterday lol.

Now it’s time to take some water to my husband who has been working on the excavator all day digging a pond for our ducks, and check on my son who is out grooming the horses 😀


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