Flying Solo

Feeling pretty homesick right now.  I’ve done pretty good up until now, took what nearly 6months to catch up with me?  I really love it here, I love the farm and our life we’re building here.  The people are friendly and welcoming.  I just miss my friends and family back home.

I went to a mom’s group the other night and it really set in.  This was the first time I’ve gone anywhere without the kids or Chris.  I guess I’m just used to having that buffer.  I missed having people around me who I know on a deeper level.  Friends I’ve had for a few years at least.  There’s only so much small talk you can make, there’s only so many times I can explain to people how many kids I have, their ages, and why we moved here before it’s just enough.  Mom’s groups back home I would have had my core group of homeschool friends to go socialize with, here I have a couple I feel like I can call “friend” but as for the group as a whole I just don’t feel like I belong yet.  When they’re all together they are more apt to discuss more personal things with each other and I almost feel uncomfortable like I really shouldn’t know some of the stuff I know about these ladies especially if I don’t even know their names!!!

Then there’s the friends back home, thanks to FB it’s great to keep in touch but also sad to see everyone moving on with their lives without us 😦  Friends who used to comment and like everything I posted I haven’t heard from in months.  I guess it’s just hard being the new person and right now I feel stuck in the middle.

This morning I woke up feeling better, the weather was pleasant outside, there was a nice breeze.  Not much on the schedule so it’s a great day to get caught up on things around the house.  The kids and I just hung around in the driveway playing with the babies (kittens, puppy, goats)  100_5063

One of those perfect moments where you can feel the Lords reassurance, letting you know your on the right track.  So I’ll keep sucking it up, keep trying my best to overcome any shyness in me and do my best to make friends with other mom’s not only for my sake, but for the sake of my kids, so they can have friends around on a regular basis as well.  Here we go!


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