The Sky is Falling!!

I’m home one evening with the kids and my mother n law.  The men folk were out of town for the weekend.  Sitting, enjoying the sound of the rain, when I hear the car alarm go off.  Uhoh, I have to go outside and physically put the key in the door because the keyless entry is broken :/.  As I turn to go back inside there’s a loud thunderous BANG right behind me, loudest noise I’ve ever heard!!!  My heart about leaps out of my chest and in my mind I turn and there’s an army of Braveheart looking guys rushing at me with painted faces and huge sticks in hand jumping up from behind the car and coming at me from out of the woods.  braveheart

(don’t judge, who thinks rationally when they’re scared out of their wits like that!)  Trying to play it cool because hey there’s the kids watching, I do that little speed walk kids do when they say “I’m not running” back to the safety of my home.  But only a few short minutes later the alarm goes off again!!!  Nuh uh not me this time lol, fortunately my mother in law is a very brave woman who volunteered to go take care of the car this time.  She said she was a bit unnerved by having to go out there too but man o man what would have I done without her!!


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